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March 11, 2012


This newspaper discusses the Erickson theory of man development. It provides a description from the different parts of the idea as well as TELEVISION SET characters that fit into the different life levels. There are also reviews of 3 different circumstance studies done on different parts of the Erickson theory.

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Erickson's theory of life stages and development assists us learn how each of us develops through our lives. This explains theories starting from labor and birth and carrying on on into life. It will help us to understand why persons respond the way they do the moment presented with selected stimuli or perhaps put in specific situations. This explains qualities and feasible factors that contributed to developing those features in people whether or not they are good features or awful. Human advancement is a intricate and ever changing thing as well as the better we are able to understand this the better we will be able to respond to this and increase. Trust Compared to Mistrust (birth - 2 years) starts with infancy until the age of two. If an toddler grows realizing that he can trust a person because of them caring for his well being, focusing on him and loving him, he will be full of delight and very healthier. But if he doesn't gain a sense of trust because of getting ignored or treated poorly by his parents, he can show too little of interest in issues around him and he may also have poor health. (Erikson, Electronic. 2010). A character that symbolizes this level of life is Stewie Griffin; Stewie features mistrust for his father and mother and everyone on the whole. He is always left to do whatever this individual wants with little suggestions from his parents great father is definitely rarely house. He solves conflict by demanding this individual gets what he would like and nothing much less will do. Autonomy Vs Disgrace and Remorse (2-3 years) at this stage is when the small children reach toddler hood, and she will get into circumstances to stimulate her mind. She could do this faraway from her parents. (Erikson, Electronic. 2010). She'll tend to wander off simply by herself even more at this time in the life, but if there is disgrace and uncertainty she will the actual opposite. She is going to feel fewer confident and will not get into places this individual doesn't find out on her very own. Maggie Simpson is a persona that represents this level of your life. She frequently wanders off and gets to things the girl with not likely to. She also attempts new things with out her father and mother being right now there to supervise because she'd rather undertake it herself. Initiate Vs Remorse (3-6 years) this is when the lady starts to make a move and will certainly not stop right up until it's performed. On the other hand when there is guilt within her she will not try to find challenges and can mostly probably not exhibit who she actually is. (Erikson, Electronic. 2010). A personality that symbolizes this stage of life is Lisa Simpson. Lisa is always striving as the best; this lady has to get straight A's in school or else she gets depressed and withdraws. She loves to play the saxophone despite her father staying annoyed by it and is always looking for a problem. Industry As opposed to Inferiority (6-12 years) at this point he contains a sense of industry he will probably show very much interest in his school work and the duties he has in the home, and he can show a responsible attitude towards things. If he contains a sense of inferiority the contrary type of patterns would be proven, because he can feel like he isn't in a position of concluding the offered task. (Erikson, E. 2010). Bart Simpson is a character that fits this stage of life. He feels second-rate and so he does things he knows are wrong on purpose as they believes in the event he attempts to succeed in good stuff he will fail. When he really does try this individual often gets discouraged prior to he can total the task and reverts to destructive tendencies. Identity compared to Role Dilemma (12-18 years) states that if this individual knows in which he is going in every area of your life or at least this individual knows what he wants to be if he gets older he can tend to have if you are an00 of self esteem. (Erikson, E. 2010). However if he has a feeling of part...

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