Summarize For Sufferer Safety


Deysi Serrano

Outline: Individual Safety in Hospitals

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Summarize: Patient Safety and Medical Errors

Practical: To inform nurses and the average person about programs and procedures in place to increase decline the rates in medial errors and keep people safe. Particular Purpose: To provide examples of how come implementing appropriate procedures and having a communication in the staff can easily prevent slight medical occurrences and potential fatal medical accidents by happening. My spouse and i. Introduction

A. Attention Driver: Present the storyplot of Josie King, a two-year-old lady who died because of a medical error by a renowned hospital. B. Thesis Affirmation: Extensive research has shown that training applications for health care workers, policies and verified protocols and communication lead to an overall decrease in medical mistake rates. Mainly because implementation of protocols and standardized affected person safety methods have been shown to be effective, there may be good reason to anticipate that simply by continuing these medical techniques, the risk of undesired medical errors and patient harm will be significantly reduced. II. Physique

A. Primary Point # 1: To convey how medical staff and nurses specifically are the voice of concern and advocates to get patients who have should share open interaction with both the families and doctors. 1a. Explain how break down in communication impacts the quality in patient treatment. 2a. Describe some of the implementations hospitals possess placed in order to communication hurdle that have proven to be successful.

III. B. Stage 2: To inform about operative errors and how they too can easily prevented. B1. Discuss the truth of an defendent who went through a surgical treatment and experienced a medical error if the doctor taken out the wrong kidney. B2. Precisely what is being done to help prevent surgical errors and what do studies rates demonstrate. IV. C. Point a few: Whom really does medical problem affect?

C1. It impacts not only the person, but also the members of the family. C2. This affects the medical staff involved.

C3. And affects us all a nation and as taxpayers.

V. D. Stage 4: Setup comes from applications geared towards well being patient safety and top quality. D1. One of the major ones may be the Joint Commission rate on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

D2. Explain what role The Joint commission rate plays.

D3. Explain how this correlates directly to the decrease in prices of medical errors. VI. Summary

-Conclusion: Finalize demonstration with a closing statement that summarizes the whole information on for what reason patient safety must be implanted in clinics, clinics and health care establishments and convey that by simply safeguarding themselves we combat against the incident of medical errors. Likewise, conclude by simply stating how clinicians happen to be in a crucial position to boost patient protection, not just through their person patient care actions, although also by having an open brand of communication and following mandated government and hospital guidelines.


I am continue to actively focusing on my slideshow but this can be roughly what I am thinking I would integrate with my own presentation to date.

Slip 1: Name Page, which is important to notify audience what type of material will probably be covered. Glide 2: A picture of Josie King.

Go 3: The story of Josie King whom died because of medical error and my personal thesis. Glide 4: Details regarding why communication is important to manifestation quality affected person care. Slip 5: The story of an defendent who had the incorrect cancerous renal out during surgery. Glide 6: A visible aid with statistics displaying how employing supervision and verbal checklist pre-op and post-operation features reduced surgical treatment related incidences Slide six: A go that discusses why this affects many of us as a whole. Slide 8: Companies roles such as JACHO and policies that help guarantee hospitals are running top quality look after prevention of future medical error. Glide 9: The final outcome

Slide 12: (last slide) Finish...

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