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By simply: Margee Reeder


Feb 17, 2013

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FIN101 - Personal Finance to get Fiscal Well being


Mr. Daniel Boylan

1 . Who also am I and what are my strengths and weaknesses (skills, abilities and knowledge) and what are my personal educational goals and programs I'm a junior for BSU. I have a passion for playing sports activities and eventually dealing with the sport market. My strengths is that I work hard in anything I have to do. My spouse and i take pride in attaining my goals toward university. My weakness is that I enjoy procrastinate in the work and study period. I have expertise of being fast and effective with my time. I possess abilities to settle focused and get the job done promptly. I'm extremely knowledgeable with sports and the different groups out there. I know just about everything about basketball and the different aspects with the game. My spouse and i played field hockey for 18 years until an injury concluded my career. My goal is to inform other people with my understanding for the sport. My plans are to graduate student BSU in May 2014 which has a degree in Sports Government. I want to move to Indy and get a job a in the sports industry.

installment payments on your What are my personal career goals and profits goals

I would like to eventually get a CEO of your sports business and be incredibly wealthy and get anything I need for my loved ones.

3. What are my lifestyle goals (family, location of home, etc . ) I want a family with 4 children. A spouse who has a great job that he loves. I want to live in the country and raise my kids up with pets or animals, like the way I was raised. 4. How can my principles and values be integrated in decision making I will simply make decisions that I be happy with based upon my own values and ethics. I want my family to have good ethics and principles and to live life stress free. five. How will I actually incorporate this kind of class materials into those goals Let me learn...

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