Net Present Value and Project

As Caledonia is looking at two further mutually exclusive tasks, for Week's four task, Team M will come up with answers to determine what between Project A and Project B every single project's payback period, net present worth, and inside rate of return. Additionally , the team will give an research of what caused the ranking conflict and which in turn project should be accepted and why. Which has a final brief review, the team is going to describe elements Caledonia need to consider if they were carrying out a lease vs . buy. Funds flows associated with these jobs

RRR = 11%


0($100, 000)($100, 000)

132, 1000

232, 0000

332, 0000

432, 0000

532, 000$200, 000

NPV $18, 269$18, 690

Needed rate of return upon these projects is 11 percent

a. What is each project's payback period?

YearProject AProject BPresent Value (PV) @ 11%Project AProject W 0-100, 000-100, 0001-100000-100, 500

132, 00000. 90288280

232, 00000. 81259710

332, 00000. 73233980

432, 00000. 66210790

532, 000200, 0000. 5918990118690

Project a 100000/32, 000=3. 125 years

Project m 100, 000/200, 000=0. your five There was not any cash flow for the first 4 years 4+0. 5=4. 5 years Project A's payback period is three or more. 125 years whereas Task B is 4. your five years. m. What is every single project's net present value?

The NPV for Task A is definitely $18, 269, whereas the NPV for Project W is $18, 690 c. What is each projects interior rate of return?

Job A 100, 000 &

IRR = 18. 03%

Project W – 100, 000 & 200, 000

IRR = 18. 87%

d. What has induced the rating conflict?

The ranging issue comes from the timeline of the two jobs. Over the course of five years task B is likely to make more money than project A. However , job A will start seeing repayment on the expense much faster than project W. Allowing the organization

to begin seeing a positive return on their funds sooner permits the organization to invest in other

areas and...

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