Revere Street -- Project Value

Revere Streets

Project Value

October 14, 2013

Table of Content

1Summary - Task Revere Road 3

2The Residential Property Overview3

2 . one particular Location a few

2 . two Economic Environment 5

3Financial Value 4

a few. 1 Case Preview four

3. 2 Case Summary5

3. a few Valuation Overview 6

4Pro Forma - Revere Street7

4. you Balance Sheet (Estimated) 7

5. 2 Profits Statement (Estimated) 7

4. 3 Assertion of Cash Flow (Estimated) 8

5Future Prospective customers and Worries 8

1 . Overview - Job Revere Street

a. Predicted project Net Present Worth -- $24, 736

m. Estimated project Internal Charge of Go back -- 19. 10%

c. Major matter -- Way to obtain funds

deb. Suggested actions toward project Revere Road -- GET

2 . The Residential Property Summary

2 . you Location

In the world of real estate, area sometimes determines the future of a house, residential or non-residential. Revere Street, a residential property positioned in the cardiovascular system of down-town Boston, Massachusetts, provides a great location pertaining to residents who have also like to savor the convenience and diversity the city can offer. Revere Avenue shares Boston's unique New England historical city watch and refreshed financial district landscape. The pin point with the notice A around the map beneath shows a geographic middle of Revere Street inside the City of Boston. Graph you: Location in Boston

Revere Street is found within lower than one mile walk towards the beautiful Charles River bank, the popular Newbury Street, the relaxing Boston Common Park area with various sports floor, and the professional Massachusetts Start of Technology.

Above all, Revere Road is safe. In accordance to arevibes. com, Back Bay-Beacon Slope area, in where Revere Street is definitely locate, provides a crime rate that is about 50% less than the Boston average. (More details in attached Revere Street Expert Forma. xlsx)

Therefore , from the perspective of location and functionality,...

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