Air Natural Resources


Costly inexhaustible all-natural resource. It is extremely essential for the survival of all of the living microorganisms on earth. In atmosphere, about 95% of the total air is present up to height of 20 kilometers above the globe's surface. The 5% of air is present up to a level of about 280 km. Atmosphere is a blend of different smells; nitrogen and oxygen will be the major pieces. Thus, total volume of surroundings present in ambiance consists of 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen and remaining 1% is made up of different gases including argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon and radon. Topics

* Atmosphere

* Structure of atmospheric air

2. Note:


A thick gaseous cover surrounding the entire world is called ambiance. The density of surroundings in the ambiance varies with altitude. Atmosphere is divided into five diverse layers or zones:

5. Troposphere

2. Stratosphere

* Mesosphere

2. Ionosphere

2. Exosphere

Make up of atmospheric air

Gas| Relative %age Volume

Nitrogen (N2)| 78. 09

Oxygen (O2)| 20. 93

Argon (A)| 00. 93

Co2 di oxide (CO2)| 0. 032

Miscellaneous| 0. 02

Total| 75. 000

Oxygen is present in the first sector, 10 to 12 kilometres from the area of the globe. This region is called troposphere. Therefore , at higher altitudes, some of us find it difficult to breathe. Over a troposphere is the stratosphere. This zone is definitely rich in ozone. Hence, additionally it is called ozonosphere. In ozonosphere, the sunlight turns oxygen to ozone simply by photochemical dissolution. The ozonosphere completely absorbs short wave solar radiations, such as ultraviolet (uv) radiations, x-rays, gamma light etc . in the Sun. Oxygen and ozone of stratosphere provide protection from harmful solar power radiation. That protects all of us from the negative effects of ultraviolet (uv) rays of sunlight. The consequence of ultraviolet rayonnement are: * Cataract - eye contact lens becomes opaque causing blindness

* Inflammatory diseases

* Skin cancer

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