The result of Study Habits within the Academic Overall performance

Effect of Examine Habits within the Academic Functionality of sophomore Bachelor of Elementary Education Students of the Divine Phrase College of Bangued through the

Initial Semester 2011- 2012

Submitted by:

Mary B. Garrido

Alfreinel S. Castillo

Jessie T. Sibayan

Gilberto Regil D. Valera Jr.


Bangued, Angra

May eleven, 2012


The study wanted to find the effect of study patterns on the academic performance of the second season Bachelor of Elementary Education students. It sought to find the academic functionality of the respondents during the initially semester, all their study behaviors in terms of time management, learning skills and study skills. The respondents were twenty nine sophomore Bachelor of Fundamental Education students during the first semester 2011-2012. The study used available info from the Registrar's Office and a questionnaire on examine habits was answered by respondents. The weighted suggest was used to look for the academic overall performance of the college students; the cramer's v pourcentage was used to determine the degree of relationship between academic performance and review periods and the ANOVA (F-test) was utilized to determine the significant difference in the educational performance in the respondents once grouped in respect to period spent in reviewing intended for the exams. The ideas were analyzed at zero. 05 standard of significance. The research described the educational performance with the students, several were endowed, 13 normal and 13 below average. General the academic functionality of the learners was Average. The study discovered that the sophomores do not have very good time managing. Most research a week prior to examinations, some the nights before and fewer continue to two weeks prior to examination time.

History of the Research

How important is study habits to our students currently? Does it impact their overall performance and habit in school? Can it contribute to their success down the road? Study practices are how a student/learner manages his/her time in such the best way that he/she can review and study his/her lessons in school frequently. Good analyze habits would be the tools to success. Well-developed studies habits make a student perform well in the lecture and will absolutely reach his/her ambition anytime. Nowadays, a large number of children are engaged in computer games, reducing classes, watching television, excessive playing and most coming from all are involved in vices such as illegal medicines, gambling and crimes (Losare, 2009). Precisely what is the effect of those activities in their studies? Learners do not provide so much time and attention inside their studies. Palm Beach Community College ( PBCC, 2008 ), suggest that student's needs to have at least three several hours out of sophistication study for each hour spent in class and a student will need to have a special location to study. A location where he feels right at home and he is able to concentrate in the studies. Entrance (1981) advises some tips for effective study habits. Is to develop a routine; there ought to be a place and time strictly for studying and completing work. Second is to know very well what is due when, which means you should certainly plan ahead. Third is to read ahead, know your syllabus and do advance reading. Next is to include a good sleep because authorities say a proper rested pupil will be a effective student.

In the expanding countries, instructors said that the undergraduate learners should be fully equipped with advanced of synthetic skills, the capacity for essential reasoning, self-reflection and conceptual grasp and ability to master (Simmons, 2003). Study habits are bettering because of the introduction and large use of the net and multimedia system which significantly affects study habit (Liu, 2005). Liu (2005) and Ramirez (2003) report that students print out materials on the internet in order to examine and read later on. Multi-media are a supplement to textbooks and...

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